Laravel Application Development Cookbook
Comments   Jan 29, 2014

Laravel Application Development Cookbook

One of the nicest things to read a well written cookbook is that the author’s hands-on expertise will rub off on you with minimum effort. This book is not an...
Comments   Jan 14, 2014


Not too long ago I released A UITextField Subclass with a custom keyboard (input view) called StupidTextField. This UITextView subclass comes with a custom keyboard that randomly changes key-board layout...
Comments   Jan 9, 2014

A Cheap SSL Certificate Provider

Not sure if it’s the best deal I can find online. But, their price looks reasonable enough to order one via To generate CSR, type in; Price matters. That’s...

My Previous Works?

There're a handful of corny personal projects I've done single-handedly including But, frankly, who the heck cares now.

I am considering of doing a new paid project starting from this Feb. 2014 with Laravel 4. Exciting! I mean not L4. The money!